Ruby DCamp 2013

2013 marks my second Ruby DCamp, an annual Ruby-ish unconference. Located in Prince William Forest National Park, Viriginia, it literally takes place at a cabin in the woods.

Leslie Spit sends me off.

During the day, 80 curated participants gather to do Rubby at the central lodge.

We cook together.

We code together.

We game together.

Dominion Chess Artemis

And we programme the conference together.

At night we crash in these sleeper cabins.

It’s probably the most fun you can have while still actually learning.

Kevin Mitnick's Business Card

Yep, it doubles as a lockpick kit.

A Test-Driven FizzBuzz Test

Joey deVilla is testing interview candidates with FizzBuzz:

I asked each candidate to do the exercise in the programming language of their choice, with pen and paper rather than on a computer. By requiring them to use pen and paper rather than letting them use a computer, I prevented them from simply Googling a solution. It would also force them to actually think about the solution rather than simply go through the “type in some code / run it and see what happens / type in some more code” cycle.

Commenters are expressing violent disagreement, violent agreement, and violent alternative implementations in everything from Perl to Racket.

One thing missing from the discussion was a worked example. To fill the gap, here’s a video of me driving FizzBuzz with tests:

Some thoughts:

Video ride up the Jarvis Street bike lane, in rush hour, on a Friday, of a long weekend.

The Jarvis Street bike lanes were installed only two years ago, but Toronto City Council is blowing $300k to remove them because they add two minutes to the average car trip. This might sound like a wild overreaction, because it is. To demonstrate the Jarvis bike lane’s innocence, I filmed my ride home up the entire stretch.


There isn’t much to see; no road rage, no traffic jam, not even a honk. Thanks to the clearly-marked bike lanes.

P.S. @larrylarry has a similar video, from the car’s perspective.

Shirts & Pancakes Day: The Toronto Bike-Month Group-Commute

Meet up at Yonge and Charles

Couch Bike front end, Yonge and Dundas

Pancake line at City Hall

Jagmeet Singh's ballin' ride

On the Flickrs.